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  • The best place to register a domain name
  • Why use WordPress for your site
  • Which web hosting provider to use (and why it's so important to choose a good one)
  • How to find a quality WordPress theme (including my favorites)
  • How you can easily customize your theme
  • Building an email list: which email marketing service to use
  • Getting sales: which payment processor to use
  • My list of curated recommended plugins for SEO, social, analytics, forms, and more
  • What content to include on your site


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Why I Created This Free Guide

Carol Cox - BIG Summit

Carol speaking at a business conference.

I’ve helped over 150 clients launch their online presence, from designing and developing their websites to creating email marketing and Google AdWords campaigns.

Over the years, I’ve seen it all and have had to help clients recover from mistakes that they had no way of knowing how to avoid:

  • clients who’ve paid good money (thousands of dollars) to web designers and never got what they wanted and sometimes didn’t even get a website at all;
  • clients whose web designer fell off the face of the earth and the client had no idea how to access their website or hosting account;
  • clients who didn’t realize that their domain name wasn’t registered to them and who then lost it and had to start over again.

I want you to avoid these horror stories by empowering you with the knowledge and skills you need to create and maintain your online presence. You don’t need to be a programmer or a tech guru. As long as you can use your web browser, you have the power.

There are certainly times when you may want to hire a web designer or developer, but this way you know what to ask for and you retain control over the most important assets in your business - your domain name, website, and email list.


Carol Morgan Cox, Founder, InterMedia Solutions